Project Resources

Project Resources

Please see below the range of resources we have developed which will help schools inspire and support young people to move city, region or country for learning and work:

Global Local eBook of best practices

The eBook of best practices highlights European wide initiatives that support and encourage young people to seek mobility opportunities. The eBook consist of a summary of the research into student mobility programmes carried out by project partners focusing on the commonalities, differences, needs and areas of innovation found across Europe. The second part of the ebook includes all the best practices collated by partners.

Global Local Charter

The Global Local Charter sets out the minimum requirements that schools should meet in order to consider themselves good in encouraging students to take up opportunities outside their local area. The Charter includes
examples found within the best practices and aspirational points found within the field research.

Global Local Teacher Toolkit

This project partners have developed a Practitioner Toolkit which aims to support education and guidance professionals to develop their skills and maximise the impact of the project’s other resources. This includes practical guides for teachers on how to embed the topic of mobility within their career education work, as well as a user guide to the project’s game. In addition, the Teacher Toolkit contains more general guides around supporting specific groups – e.g. low income families, people with disabilities, engaging with parents etc.

Broadening Horizons Resource Pack

The ‘Broadening Horizons’ Resource Pack provides information, tools and labour market information about moving area for learning and work. The Resource Pack has a geographic focus, which allows young
people to further develop their knowledge around the potential employment opportunities outside their local area. This includes job profiles, training routes and industry factsheets, all of which help increase young people’s awareness about the potential benefits of a wide range of opportunities beyond their local area.